For fifteen summers, the Beaubears Island Interpretive Centre has been a gateway into Miramichi's storied past, as locals and tourists alike journey through time and meet the men and women who put Beaubears Island, and the Miramichi region, on the map. This year, the Friends of Beaubears Island invite you to take part in a captivating experience unlike any other.

Tour Prices

Tour Starting Date Price
Visit the Beaubears Island Interpretive Centre

Discover the Island’s stirring history and hear stories of First Contact, the struggle of the expelled Acadians, a century of shipbuilding and the history of Nelson-Miramichi.  Our centre utilizes touchscreen and Smart Board technology to enhance the experience of the visitor and promote interactivity.

(allow 30-45 minutes).

June 17 $5/adult

$3.50/students & seniors

Ferry Service to Beaubears Island & The Restored Trail Network (10-4pm)
With the help of Parks Canada, we have restored 6km of historic trails on the Island. This self-guided experience allows you to view the remnants of the 19th century shipyard, and the foundations of several buildings. Marvel at the lofty pines which have stood sentinel for more than two centuries, and keep watch for the Island's abundant wildlife, including our family of bald eagles.* maps and Flora/fauna guides provided at no charge(allow 60-90 minutes)
 June 29 $10/adult

Senior $9

Student $9.50

Voyageur Canoe Experience (10am & 1pm)
Recapture the pioneering days on the river with our 26 foot, ten-passenger, Voyageur Canoe, Sipu. Canoe excursions provide a unique hands-on experience that may visit Beaubears Island as well as Wilson’s Point, or simply circumnavigate the Island. Participants have the opportunity to live part of our history through the vehicle of the canoe.*Experience also available with kayaks in place of  Voyageur Canoe(allow 60-90 minutes)
Cancelled until 2022  


Guided Island Tour (10-4pm)
See history come alive when you hear the stories of Acadian mothers, venerable soldiers, and Commander Boishebert himself. From there, our historic tour carries you and yours into a time when the sound of auger, saw, and file were heard plainly among the pines and the Island shipyard turned out some of the finest vessels in the world.* includes a visit to the Interpretive Centre and boat transport to/from the island(allow 60-90 minutes)
 June 29 Adult $20

Senior $18

Student $19

“Tour Through Time”  (Sundays 2pm only)
These tours will visit Beaubears Island by boat, and will feature the Island's full complement of historic characters. Our knowledgeable tour guides and colourful, costumed characters will help you discover just what made these two National Historic Sites such a central part of Miramichi's history.* includes a visit to the Interpretive Centre and boat transport to/from the island  (allow 60 minutes)
July 5 Adult $25

Senior $22

Student $23

Wondering what the tour is all about?

The history of Beaubears Island spans thousands of years, beginning with the early First Nations people who fished and hunted on the Island. In the mid-1600s, they welcomed the first French settlers to the area, who had come in search of fish and furs. During the 7 Years War, Acadians living in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island were expelled from their homeland by the British, and Beaubears Island acted as a refuge for hundreds of these Acadians. After 1765, the first English-speaking settlers arrived in the Miramichi area and under their ownership, Beaubears Island emerged as an important shipbuilding site.

Today, Beaubears Island is a peaceful piece of land whose eventful history has been concealed by time and nature. Our knowledgeable tour guides and colourful, costumed characters will help you discover just what made Beaubears Island such a central part of Miramichi's history.