About the Play

A play in four acts about Miramichi Father of Confederation and Beaubears Island owner, Peter Mitchell.

Peter Mitchell, a lawyer, businessman, and politician from Newcastle, was numbered among those founders of our dominion, the Fathers of Confederation, and involved in the early governance of our country. Sadly, today his contributions are largely forgotten, overshadowed by those of others, and clouded by Mitchell’s own stormy temperament and the resentful attitude he exhibited at the close of his life. Now, in celebration of Canada’s 150 birthday, Peter Mitchell is emerging from the shadows.

Led by the Friends of Beaubears Island, this productionis being supported by the Provincial Government, City of Miramichi, Regional Museum Network, and the Highland Society. The performance will travel the province, beginning in Miramichi on the evenings of April 28-30 at Théâtre Gilles Laplante – Carrefour Beausoleil.


Ticket Information

Ticket's are available at: Brookdale Flower Shop, Scotts Pharmasave, Carrefour Beausoleil

or Call 506-622-8526

Friends of Beaubears Island

The Cast

PETER MITCHELLlawyer, businessman, politician, and Father of Confederation – Shawn McCarthy

ISABELLA MITCHELLleading Methodist; Peter’s wife – Lisa Savage

JOHN MERCER JOHNSON - lawyer, politician, and NB Attorney General – Chris Matheson

BARBARA MITCHELLof the great Clan Grant of Spey Side; Peter’s mother – Dorinda Glover

SAMUEL LEONARD TILLEY - druggist, politician, and NB Premier – Sean Rule

JOHN A MACDONALD - lawyer, businessman, and Attorney General of Upper Canada – Lloyd Cameron

ANN MITCHELLpolitical commentator; Peter’s sister – Carol Tozer

CAROLINE HAWSleading woman in the community; Isabella’s sister - Cynthia MacInnis

ARTHUR HAMILTON-GORDONNB Governor, son of the Earl of Aberdeen – Neil Wallace

GEORGE KERR – lawyer, businessman, Mitchell’s mentor, and political opponent – Greg Donovan

JOHN JAMES FRASERlawyer, politician, anti-Confederation candidate – Tyler Kingston

RACHEL SHAW-LEFEVREpainter and arts patron; wife of the governor – Heather Cox

JABEZ BUNTING SNOWBALLbusinessman, politician, and Liberal Candidate – Greg Donovan

THERESA & LUCILLEEmployees at the Windsor Hotel, Montreal – Elizabeth Matheson & Sammy Godin

DOCTORPeter’s Montreal physician – Neil Wallace

The Crew

Chris Matheson

Franky Corcoran

Annaka Fournier

Herschel Burggrer

Gabby Schenkels

Hans Schenkels, Tristan Eisnor

Taylor Blackmore, Lauren Martin

Nancy's Costume Boo-tique

Shawn McCarthy

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